WhatsApp Message: Contact Someone On Whatsapp Without Saving

You wanna send a Whatsapp message to a new number without saving that number on your contact list? With our straightforward guide, you are going to learn the possible ways to do so.

WhatsApp doesn’t have a feature that allows users to message unknown numbers. I mean numbers that aren’t saved on the contact list when I say unknown numbers.

Therefore, The available people you will see in the chat room are only those already on your contact list.

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How It Works?

The WhatsApp message without saving the number works by using the Whatsapp URL followed by the number.
Probably, you will not understand what I’m saying right now until you put learning into practice.
There is a specific feature for those using the mod version of Whatsapp like GbWhatsapp.
Let’s start with GbWhatsapp before heading to regular Whatsapp.
  1. Open GbWhatsapp: I believe you already have the Gb Whatsapp on your device. If you are reading and focusing on this section, kindly open it and follow the st.eps
  2. Click on the three dots: they are located right on the top of the GbWhatsapp app.
  3. Click on “message a number”: once you click on a number, you will see another tab.
  4. Write the desired number: write the number you want to contact and click on the message.
You are expected to write it in a good format with a country code example: +2347070000000.
How To Message Number On Whatsapp Without Saving?
  1. Open any browser you want: I suggest chrome.
  2. Locate the search URL bar: this is where you are expected to paste the URL
  3. Write https://wa.me/phonenumber: you will be redirected to the Whatsapp website, where you will see the message green button. Once you click on the message button, you will be redirected to Whatsapp.
  4. Don’t forget to change the phone number on the URL to desired number example: https://wa.me/234700000000