View Source Code In Chrome Mobile – Android Chrome

If you are wondering, it’s possible to view source code in chrome mobile using your android phone without any need of a PC.

Guess what? It’s straightforward and straight forward just that many people aren’t aware of it. That is why we feel responsible for teaching how to see the source code of any website using chrome mobile.

I’m sure that you will no longer search this query related to View Source Code In Chrome Mobile again after reading this article because we have written a very straightforward guide that you can use on your android to see the source code of any website using the Google Chrome app.

Without boring you with much write-ups, let’s quickly see the common reasons people want to know the source of a website.

What is source code used for?

This heading might sound funny to some webmasters, well we consider everyone reading our content as a learner who does not know more about how things work. So we can’t just be left some points.

In case you know what we are disclosing in this heading, you can easily scroll down to what you are looking for.

Source Code makes a site look or displays the way it is, so if you want the look of a specific website, you can inspect its source code and apply it to yours.

How To Open Source Code On Chrome Mobile?

Before heading to open or view the source code of a page or website via mobile, you should first copy the URL of that page/website then follow the simple steps below.


  1. Open chrome mobile browser app
  2.  write this on the type or search web address space view-source: then write the URL of the site here on the search bar without space
  3. Example: view-source:
  4. Wait for it to load
  5. Once it’s loaded, you will see the source code of that website.
Huh, is not that very simple? Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section.