How To Get US Phone Number From Outside US For OTP

Did you ever think about getting a US phone number from outside the United States?

If you are wondering, getting a US phone number is now easier than ever. You can use it for online services unavailable in your regions.

However, these phone numbers have some limitations due to insecure and too much requests for OTP from different people trying to participate in popular services.

Most of these phone numbers aren’t available for social media usage, which means you can use them to create a Tiktok or Facebook account.

However, you can use them in different services. It’s also worth noting that these phone numbers are free and open, so anyone can access them without limitation.

You are advised not to use it and store your important information. Anybody can access and easily reset your password once he knows the number you are using.

Why US Number From Outside US?

There are so many reasons you might want to use a US phone number, either to participate in services that aren’t available in your region or to prank your friends.

Yeah, you can use it to prank your friends, especially when you got a private special number.

Imagine using a US phone number from WhatsApp. You might think you are already in the US.

Below are some common reasons why you need a US phone number.

  • Participate in services that are available in the US
  • Bypass limitations and get an anonymous access

List Of Sites To Get Free & Open Us Phone Number

Below is the list of some sites to get free and open US phone numbers.

All you have to do is to pick a phone number from one of these sources and use it on any services you want.

We will be updating this list, and more sources will be added.

You can try any sources to get OTP with a US phone number. If you experience difficulties receiving the OTP, you can simply switch and try a different source.