How To Unlock ET On Superex

If you were one of the few people who were able to claim ET Airdrop token during the super ex promotion, I just want to take this moment to congratulate you.

Guess what? you will be able to unlock and cash out what you have gotten, but don’t be too excited by hearing this, there is a challenge.

I hope you would be able to partake and face the challenge, so you would be able to claim the ET Airdrop token you have gotten.

In this article we will talk about the following things.

  • How To Unlock ET
  • How To Withdraw From Superex
  • How to trade super ex ET

What Is SuperEx ET?

ET is a native coin of Super-Ex, the First web 3 Crypto Currency Trading exchange with largest DAO network.

Incase you didn’t understand what Native Coin mean here is what you should know.

NativeCoin acts as a decentralized, universal, digital currency owned by a certain wallet or crypto exchanger, for example Binance has its own native coin called BNB.

SuperEx main services include Cryptocurrency trading, derivatives trading and decentralized high-security storage for digital assets. While also supporting more innovative services such DeFi, NFTs, savings, mining, stocks etc.

Features Of SuperEx

Below are some features of Superex 

  • Buy Coins; Users can buy their favorite crypto currency by clicking on the Buy Coins Button, Remember, it doesn’t require much, however it’s also worth noting that you would be redirected to a third-party payment provider to accept the payment, just like the way Binance and other crypto exchange does.
  • Transfer Coins; Transferring coins are more easier than ever, you can transfer Coins and escape from paying high Transfer charges.
  • Wallet Address; Immediately after joining the SuperEx you would get access to unlimited wallet addresses, all you have to do is to go to your favorite coin and copy it’s wallet address that allow you to receive crypto.
  •  Referral; SuperEx offers a high profitable referral program, you can make as much as you can referring potential users, however it’s also worth noting that the reward would be locked and you need to take certain action to unlock, this would be discussed, Keep reading.
  •  Chat; If you are having issues while trying to perform a certain action on the app, you can simply slide to chat feature and contact customer care, he would assist you and give you soiutons.

How To Register & Get Free ET coin superex?

  • Follow this link
  • Register with your valid email address
  • Verify your phone number & Email Address

If your country code is not listed, you can alternatively use Google Authenticator.

How To Unlock ET on SuperEx?

Below are the procedures you need to follow in order to know how to unlock your ET on Superex

Don’t expect the task to be simple, oh sorry, I’m not discouraging you and you don’t have to worry, as long as your referrals are potential users you can claim all your Airdrop tokens without any stress.

Basically, there are two ways to unlock ET on Superex.

1. Referring Users Who Can Trade On Super Ex

Each time you invite your friend, you will get Free airdrop after he finishes registration and verify his email, now that you have referred and both of you got some, you and your referral can unlock the ET together for Futures and Spot Transactions.

It’s also worth noting that the difficulty of unlocking the ET depends on the amount you have, users with higher amounts are recommended to transact high amount on spot or futures.

2. Trading The Futures Or Spot

If you aren’t able to refer people who can trade, you can simply do the task by your self, just fund your account and start trading, while you are trading you would be unlock ET on Superex.

Unlock quantity = transaction fee * unlock difficulty / ET price

Meaning; You have two gains, The profit you are getting from trading futures or spot trading & the ET you are unlocking.

However, if you want to Unlock ET without trading, you simply have to refer people who can do it under you, each time they complete trading you will get some ET.

Doing any of the listed above activities, will help you to gradually unlock your ET, however, the higher you trade the higher you will be able to claim.

How To Withdraw ET From Superex Exchange Platform?

Immediately after unlocking your ET, you can withdraw it to your preferred wallet or leave it in the Superex.

All you need is to convert your unlocked tokens to USDT, and Withdraw it to your preferred wallet address.

More About Superex ET Event

  • SuperEx reserves the right modify the rules of the event without notifying it’s users before modifications (in advance).
  • The event may last for a long
  • All users are expected to abide by the SuperEx terms of service by default. In order to ensure the fairness of the event, cheating such as malicious brushing and batch registration of small accounts is strictly prohibited.
  • The recommended records shall prevail;
  • Everytime the total transaction volume of all invited friends reaches 100,000 USDT, and you will get ET rewards every 1,000,000 USDT will not be included in the trading fee to unlcock terms;
  •  After completing a transaction, the trading user and the inviter of that user can share 50% of the unlocked ET.

Kindly note that this post is for informational purposes only, our website will not be held responsible for any gain or loss from participating in the SuperEx event or Spot & Futures Transaction.


Thanks for reading how to unlock ET, I hope you find some helpful tips, by now, I believe you knew how to unlock your ET tokens on Superex.

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