ultraminda.com review, Is ultraminda.com legit or a scam

ultraminda.com review, Is ultraminda.com legit or a scam

This article contains detailed information about ultraminda.com review, you will get to know the current status of ultraminda.com, legit or scam.

We have been down to the roads of paying Ponzi schemes. If this is your first time participating in such schemes please read this article.

You might have been hearing about ultraminda.com, where users will get a $20 registration bonus.

But unfortunately, the bonus is not available for withdrawal. However, you can purchase a free Miner that will give you $0.60 dollar after 24 hours.

You are advised to read the ultraminda.com review carefully so that you will be able to activate Miner and start collecting your free daily returns which require no investment.

What is ultraminda.com?

ultraminda.com is a Spanish USDT site where you can recharge and buy a machine.

Your profit is determined by your machine. People who want to earn more returns can simply activate a higher machine.

How To Make Money From ultraminda.com?

Below are some powerful ways to earn more USDT from ultraminda.com.

1. Activate Free Machine

This requires no investment, all you have to do is to register after confirming your account you will be rewarded with $20.

However, it’s also worth noting that you can’t withdraw your $20, you can only use it to buy the machine.

You will get $0.60 every day from your free machine, you can withdraw it once it reaches $7.

Note; The machine expires daily, so you have to keep renewing it after 24 hours.

2. Buying Machine

You can also make money by buying a machine, the higher machine the higher investment return.

3. Referral Commission

You can also earn from referral commission, you will be able to claim it once it reaches $5.

How To Get Started On ultraminda.com?

Please follow the instructions well or else you can’t activate the free Miner.

ultraminda.com is a Spanish site, so you need to use translate it by using the chrome “translate feature”.

  • Click on three dots on your chrome browser
  • Scroll down and locate “Translate”

After enabling this option the Spanish will be translated to English.

  • Follow this link to register
  • Fill in all the necessary details

How to Get $20 & Activate a Free Miner On ultraminda.com

  • You will see a message in a red background on your homepage tap on “click here”
  • Click on validate email and wait while it loads, once it finishes loading you will get $20

How To Activate 0.6 daily free Miner?

  • Click on “See Machines”
  • Select GTX 910 and click on Cost $20 as shown in the screenshot above
  • Proceed with your purchase and buy it

ultraminda.com review

below is some important information you need to note about ultraminda.com.

Is ultraminda.com legit?

ultraminda.com is legit and paying at the time of writing this article.

It’s also worth noting that websites like ultraminda.com don’t last for long, always invest what you can afford to lose.

Is ultraminda.com Scam?

No reports of ultraminda.com being a scam yet, however, you can drop your review in the comment section if you have experience with the platform.


Thanks for reading my ultraminda.com review, kindly drop your review in the comment section, do let us know what you think, is ultraminda.com legit or scam.



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