Review, Legit Or Scam (Tiktok Ads Package)

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if you are worried about wether the is legit or scam please read this content.

Producing high quality stuffs is one of the organic ways of boosting sells to your company, but is that enough? No it’s not.

As a company you have look for every possible way of promoting your products to drive more sales read one of the most underrated and yet powerful strategy to drive more sales with calendar.


Trend is a self-serve content platform, where you can connect with content creators and give them ads work 100% licensing right. creators are primarily from Tiktok, therefore whatever you want to advertise will be delivered through content on Tiktok.

How Does works?

Sometimes it might be quite challenging to get a response from your targeted content creator, as a result, the trend is there to give you what you exactly want.

  • There Interface is very unique and straightforward
  • Easy Budget with desired amount
  • Choose from many creators
  • Contact information, making customers to reach you easily

You can set everything you want to start from the budget and type of content you want.

Below are some types of content delivered by its content partners.

  • Video content; this type of ads will introduce your products in video either a dramatic or funny video.
  • Photos ads; This type of ads is going to be a photo video where your products are being showcased, however, the advertiser will make it more compelling so you will drive more sales.

Tiktok Ads Package Review

As stated previously, all the packages are Tiktok Ads.

You have to head over to to choose the category of your company or products.

After choosing the category, give a contact to your company and website if available.

It’s also worth noting that the description is needed so that your content partner will get to know what you offer. Reviews (Writer’s Opinion)

here is all you need to know about review.

Trend is a self-serve content platform which means they aren’t affiliated in any way with Tiktok company.

However, they are affiliated with some Tiktok content creators as claimed.

At this point, I think if this is your first time trying to advertise your products through Trend, you have to start with a small budget.

As you keep going when you see results, then you have fully verified that the Trend really worth it.

Is Legit? is fairly a new platform, not much is known about the platform, and as of now, we can’t tag it as legit.

Is Scam?

Trend is fairly a new platform, it’s too early for us to determine whether it’s a scam or not.

However, we advise people to start testing with a small budget and confirm how legitimate the platform is before giving full energy to it.

Conclusion – Review

Thanks for reading my reviews, don’t forget to drop your experience in the comment section.


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