Tower Capital Reviews – Legit, Scam Or Paying?

Learn more about Tower Capital reviews in this article and get to know the current status of the platform legit, scam or paying.

Making money online seems to be easy, but it’s not, you may come across a lot of platforms promising to pay huge money but unfortunately, you will end up not getting your earnings.

When interacting with the platform everything will seem to be okay and your earnings will keep reading, but once you try cashing out you will notice that those earnings aren’t real, they are just numbers.

This is why many people are no longer interested in doing anything related to making money online.

Be it as it may be, for you to be successful and meet a legit platform you need to keep testing different platforms.

Guess what? Here we come with another opportunity of making money without investment by using Tower_AI Grid Robot offered by Tower Capital.

Let’s know wether tower capital is paying, legit or scam.

What is Tower Capital AI Grid Robot?

Tower_AI Grid Robot is a quantitative strategy robot developed by Tower Research Capital that automates automated trades to global fund markets and brings you a fixed daily return of 2.8USD, it is valid for 71 days and can bring you 198.8USD in returns.

How Does Tower Capital  Robot works?

There is no action needed from you, all you have to do is to create an account and verify your account, choose the robot you want.

Remember, you can get the first robot for free. If you want to upgrade your earnings to higher amounts you can simply fund your account and buy another robot.

Alternatively, you can invite friends and upgrade your account with referral points.

However it’s also worth noting that; only real members are needed, you won’t be rewarded for any fake user invited with your link.

How To Make Money From Tower Capital (

Below are some ways to earn money from (Tower Capital reviews)

  • Claiming a Tower Research bonus AI Grid robot; Tower Capital is currently doing a promotion and they are giving out a powerful robot for free, you will earn $2.8 daily from the robot. If you want to earn more than $2.8 daily you can buy a better robot from the list of their robots.
  • InvitingYour Friends To (Tower Capital Research); With this method, you don’t have to worry about funding your account. Alternatively, you can invite your friends to register with your referral code. Once they register and verify their accounts you can contact customer care to claim your free robot. When you invite 50 people, the daily revenue you can get is 50*2.8*0.15=21USD, this is the dynamic revenue you get.

Atthis time you will be rewarded with a FPGA Strategy Robot α, which will generate 3.9USD per day for you, and your grid robot will bring you 2.8USD, total daily earnings: 2.8+3.9+21=27.7USD, and you can withdraw your money at any time.

you need to tell your subordinates about this model completely, and you will get their Secondary earnings, even if you are sleeping at home at this time. The funds will keep coming to your wallet.

And you don’t need to invest a single penny of capital, and neither do your subordinates. There are only 100,000 grid robots per region, so you need to get on this as soon as possible.

How To Unlock Withdrawal Function On Tower Capital?

Many people are facing challenges with withdrawal, here is what you should do.

Tower Capital have freezed many accounts due to fake referrals, however if you are sure your hands are clean you didn’t have to worry.

Those that can’t get referrals, should struggle and refer 3 people before 16 September, once you refer 3 people, Tower Capital will reward you with a coupon.

With this coupon, you can purchase robot and your withdrawal will go through.

Please read and understand this event

If your account is freezed don’t worry, just refer 3 people with your old invitation code, after the event you can request for review and you have a high chances of getting coupon to use & buy robot.

How To Register An Account On

  • Use this AbpyzM as your referral ID, Tap to copy
  • Follow this link to register, don’t forget to use the referral ID you copied

Once you register the account then you need to verify your identity, you can use a National ID card or voters card.

Here is how to verify your account

  • Click on the wallet icon
  • Now move and click on “Unverified”
  • Alternatively, you can click on identification, located in menu (Navigation)
  • Use your NIN number or Voters Card number as a certificate ID
  • Provide your full legal name
  • Take a selfie with your National ID Card in your hand.

It is also worth noting that you need to upload the front and back of your ID Card. They will review your account and approve it within 15 minutes.

Once they verify your account follow the steps below to activate your free robot.

  • Click on the “wallet icon”
  • Move ahead and tap on “Robot”
  • If your robot dashboard looks like something below, then your robot is already working.

If it’s not working, kindly follow the steps below to activate it

  • Go to “Homepage” and locate Tower_AI Grid
  • Click on “buy”
  • Scroll down and click on “Buy|0U

Tower Capital Review

Having read this content, I believe you noticed that we didn’t talk about investment.

The platform may last long since they are offering free robots, if you want to invest, please always invest what you can afford to lose.

Online earning platforms are unpredictable, they may last or crash earlier than expected.

Tower capital login

Searching for tower capital login? Worry no more you can simply log in to the tower capital by visiting their website

Review: Is Tower Capital legit and paying?

Tower Capital also known as can’t be tagged as legit or paying at the time of writing this review.

However there is information about owner in the About Us Page, they also established a Telegram Group where members can communicate.

It’s also worth noting that we aren’t really sure if the information about owner written in the about us page is real, be careful.

Is Tower Capital scam?

No reports of tower capital ( being a scam yet, However, we always advise people to invest only what they can afford to lose.

Tower Capital ApK Download

You can download the latest version of Tower Capital with this link, all you have to do is to click on the link download the app and log in to your account.


Thanks for reading my Tower Capital review, the status of the platform may change, in case you experience any changes, please drop your review in the comment section, and let people know what you think about the platform, legit or scam.

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