Review, Scam, Legit Or Crashed

This article contains detailed information about review, you will get to know the current status of the platform, scam legit or crashed.  is a new Investment platform where you can buy a USDT mining machine, all the machines are valid for 40 days (you need to  renew machines after 40 days). made it simple, all you have to do is to pick your favorite mining machine and that machine will continue to bring you income for 40 days.

In this article we will talk about some basic things below.

  • Review
  • Is Legit
  • is Super Miner scam

What is is an Investment platform where you can buy a USDT mining machine, all the machines are permanent.

Please, if this is your first time of participating in Ponzi or MLM scheme, I highly suggest reading this article, you will find a helpful tips on how to check more information about any company.

How Does The Works?

Everything is automatic and nothing needed from your end, all you have to do is to pick and purchase your favorite miner.

Your miner will bring back what you Invested usually in less than 30 days, remember, the withdrawal is daily.

You can withdraw your earnings anytime you reach $5 dollar and guess what? There is no withdrawal charges.

For example; when you buy a mining machine that will bring $5 daily, you can withdraw everyday.

Rest assured that we will list all the mining machines and the prices.

When you register you will get $5 welcome bonus, you can withdraw it immediately after purchasing any machine, kindly note that you can only use the $5 welcome bonus after recharging and buying machine.

Super-miner Machines Review & Prices

Below are the list of their machines and prices

1. OMG 5g mining machine

The OMG 5g is the minimum mining machine on super Miner, it cost $20 to buy a OMG 5g.

The daily earnings for OMG 5g is $1.1, weekly income $7.7, and the monthly income is $33.

2. DOGE: 5g mining machine

DOGE: 5g is the second mining machine, it cost $50.

The daily earnings for DOGE: 5g mining machine is $3.2, weekly earning is $22.4, and the monthly earnings is $96.

3. XRP 5g mining machine

XRP 5g is the third mining machine, it cost $100.

The daily earnings for XRP 5g mining machine is $6.5, weekly $45.5 and the monthly earnings is 195USDT

4. USDT 5g mining machine

The daily earnings for XRP 5g mining machine is $6.5, weekly $45.5 and the monthly earnings is $195

You can purchase any miner up to 5 times.

Recharge is available via USDT and Naira, if you are recharging with naira you need to put on the amount of USDT you want to recharge on the “transfer amount” after putting the transfer amount, you will see how much you need to transfer in naira.

Once you tap on the submit button you will be redirected to payment page.


How To Register On

  • Follow this link to register
  • Register with your email address
  • And create a strong password Review Legit Or Scam

Wants to learn more about review, Legit or another scam? Keep reading.

Below are all you need to know, is super miner legit or another scam.

Platforms like can last or crash earlier than expected, the returns on investment is very high, schemes with such returns are suspicious.

It’s always important to invest only what you can afford to lose, something that will not pain you alot when you lost, because such platforms can disappoint.

You might wake up one day to find out they are no more.

Is Legit? is currently paying at the time of writing this review, we advise people to invest only what they can afford to lose.

Is Scam?

No reports of being scam yet.

You are advised not to be greedy, Always Invest wisely if you want to invest.


Thanks for reading review, kindly drop your compliment in the comment section and tell people your experience with Super-miner legit or another scam.

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