Restorelife Reviews, Legit Or Scam

How does it feel to make money without even leaving home? Isn’t that great, yes it is.

I bet this is the freedom you have been looking for, if that is the case definitely love learning more about how restorelife works.

This article contains a detailed information about how restorelife works and how to make money doing arbitrage with them.

Below are some the basic things we will talk about in this article.

  • Restorelife Reviews
  • Is Restorelife Legit or Scam
  • How To Make Money From Restorelife

Before proceeding, kindly note that this is not a financial advise, we aren’t responsible for whatever amount you invest in Restorelife.

This is just a piece of content that explains how the platform works and it’s earning structure.

What is Restorelife?

Restorelife is an arbitrage platform where you can buy dollars at cheap rate with as low as ₦550 and sell it at back market price ₦750.

How To Make Money From Restorelife?

As stated in the previous section, you can make money from Restorelife  buying dollars at cheaper rate and sell it at Black market price.

It’s also worth noting that after buying the dollar you need to keep it & leave it in the platform for two days before selling it.

That means, you buy dollar at the rate of ₦550, you can re-sell it after two days at the black market price ₦750, that means you will earn ₦200 profit for each dollar you buy & re-sell after two days.

How To Register an Account On Restorelife?

  • Follow this link
  • Register with your email
  • Phone number
  • Provide strong password

Kindly note that you will need the email address & the password you used when registering each time you want to log in.

How To Buy Dollar On Restorelife?

  1. Click on the “Navigation Bar”
  2. Tap on “Buy Dollar”
  3. Enter the amount of dollars you want to buy
  4. And finally tap on “Buy Now”

How To Sell Dollars On Restorelife?

  • Tap on the Navigation Bar
  • Tap on “Sell Dollar”
  • Select the account you want to sell from either main account or bonus account
  • Enter the amount of $
  • And finally tap on “Sell Now”

Restorelife Reviews, Legit Or scam

Having read this Restorelife Reviews believe you know how to use the platform and how it works.

Is Restorelife Legit?

Restorelife is fairly a new platform launched on 18 October 2022, as of now we can’t tag it as legit, however we always advise people to invest wisely and use convenient amount that they can shoulder.

Is Restorelife Scam?

No reports of Restorelife being scam yet, it’s fairly a new platform, so we can’t tag it as scam.


Thanks for reading my content, Kindly drop your reviews in the comment section and tell people your experience with Restorelife in the comment section.

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