Reach Apk – How To Get Free Airtime For Performing Surveys

If you have ever wondered what tracking monthly expenses should be, then it should be Reach Apk

With Reach apk you you can dive deeper into why you spend by taking the personality test.

You can categorize your spending and track on what you are spending the most. Guess what? You will become a master of your own financial power and explore the high Saving experience.

You can use this app to record and save your money, That’s not where we are going for. We are going to see how to earn free airtime from the Reach App.

You will get N100 worth of airtime for every successful referral you made, it’s also worth noting that N500 is the minimum amount to claim.

But, Before heading to that. Let’s see the features of Reach App.

Features Of Reach Apk

  1. Expenses Tracker; with this feature you can track all your experiences and know where you are spending the most
  2. Saving; you can start saving your money and earn interest, however your interest
  3. Review your favourite local business or see what others are saying about businesses in your area
  4. Review your favourite local business or see what others are saying about businesses in your area
  5. Sort out how much you can spend without going broke.

How To Register On Reach Apk & Earn 500 Referring Friends

Guess what you don’t need  a BVN for registration, all you need is phone number and email address.

Don’t forget to use this as your Refferral code = CN1IAS

After registering your account, please copy your referral code and give it to your friends to use it when registering an account.

How To Get N1000 Naira From Reach Apk?

Unfortunately, this offer is only available for old users, if you have registered past few months when we post it, you can check your email.

Once you check your email and see a notification from Reach app, just know that you are invited to the survey, and upon the completion of the survey you will be rewarded with N1000.

However, if you aren’t registered already don’t be offended, you can register you will be the part in the future.

Remember, you can also refer and earn, you aren’t restricted to performing task alone.

As an old user, you will see a pop up of  Carbonated Soft Drinks.

  1. Click on the “Take Survey”
  2. Complete all the survey
  3. Once you completed you will be rewarded with N1000 Airtime which can be redeemed.

If you didn’t receive the pop-up invitation you can check the reward tab in the Reach Apk, if you see carbonated drink survey, you can participate and receive your 1000 airtime.

     If you find Carbonated Drink Survey here, you can participate.

Reach Apk Download

You can download the Reach APk from this link, you will be redirected to PlayStore, I believe you know what to do when you get to PlayStore.

Things You Should Note

  • The airtime is not a registration bonus so you wouldn’t be credited immediately after registration
  • You must refer atleast 5 people to get your reward.
  • They must use your referral code to register.



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