Ponzi Schemes + What It Is and How To Get Your Money Back

We aren’t encouraging anyone to risk or invest in a ponzi scheme platform. This is for educational purposes only, and for people who are interested in such programs after knowing the risk behind it.

This is not a 100% strategy, a Ponzi scheme platform may last longer or crash earlier than expected.

Ponzi schemes related searches are increasing almost every day most especially in Nigeria.

Ponzi schemes are also known as Get Rich Quick programs, that is why people are running into it blindly without proper research.

Most of these Ponzi schemes will promise a very huge (ROI) return on your investment and starts paying for a while before crashing and running away with your money.

Some people are still interested in such programs even after knowing the risk behind them, this article is for those who are interested in participating in such programs.

What are Ponzi Schemes Platforms?

Ponzi Schemes Platforms are known as quick to return on investment platforms that pay first investors from money invested by later investors.

These platforms will pay for a while before crashing and running with people’s investment.

Some lucky people will still escape and enjoy the program before it crashes. We are going to teach you how to be among those few people.

Benefits Of Ponzi Schemes

Below are some benefits of Ponzi schemes

1. Higher Return On Investment

Ponzi schemes give you a higher return on investment (ROI) within a short period of time.

2. Low Budget Investment

Since the scheme can crash anytime they aren’t just targeting people with a big amount of money, they are also targeting people with a small amount of money that is why they are creating VIP plans.

How To Identify A Ponzi Scheme Investment Platform?

The first step of escaping from a Ponzi scheme platform is by identifying it. It’s all easy when you know you are through a Ponzi scheme and this platform might collapse anytime.

Below are some details you should check, these details will help you to identify a Ponzi scheme platform.

1. Unregistered investments; Since the Ponzi scheme was initiated to lure and run with people’s money by paying first investors from money invested by later investors, the owners of the scheme will keep hiding their selves.

Investment platforms with no “About Us” page are in this category.

2. Higher Return On Investment (ROI) with low risk; Ponzi scheme return on investment will always be shocking when you see a higher return on investment without any notice about risk just know that such platforms aren’t trustworthy.

3: Pressure to reinvest; Ponzi schemes will often pressure you to reinvest a higher amount, the higher investments the higher earnings the owner of the scheme will get after taking down his platform.

4. High Referral Commission; This is one of the best ways to bring in more investors, a Ponzi scheme will not mind promoting their business on Google AdWords or Facebook because of rejection.

Google AdWords or Facebook Ad reserves the right to reject any advert that seems to be suspicious.

Since they will not be able to promote themselves, they will offer a higher referral commission so that users can bring new users and get paid.

How To Invest And Escape From the Ponzi scheme

After confirming the Ponzi scheme platform and still willing to try below are what we suggest researching before final decision.

1. Checkout Who Is Hosting The Scheme

There are some hosting companies that don’t support investment platforms, as a result, you have to check who is hosting the platform you are going to invest.

Such information can be seen via Hosting Checker.

After finding the hosting provider of your desired scheme go-ahead to ask their customer service if they are supporting an investment site.

If they said yes, you can invest. However, if they said No you should run away because that platform that you are planning to invest in may experience unusual crashing.

When a hosting company found a site that violates their rule under their server they will suspend such websites, in this case, the investor and owner of the scheme will lose as long as the hosting company decides not to give the data of that site.

2. Domain Age

The early you invest the higher your chances of escaping, so checking domain age is very important.

You can check the domain age by putting the URL of the Ponzi platform you are planning to invest in Who.is.

WhoIs will reveal information about the domain registration date, if it’s still new you can try your luck.

3. Calculate Your Profit And Compare with your analysis

Since the thing is all about expectations then you should estimate how long the platform will last according to the data you have gotten on who.Is.

Calculate your profit and estimate it with your expectations, if you have hope that this platform may last for 20 days and after those 20 days your capital and profit will be returned then you can go for it.

4. Exit After First Cashout

This is the most important, you need to run away after escaping from the first round, don’t allow emotion to control you when it comes to Ponzi scheme.

When you finished one tenure successfully exit and wait for another scheme or else that scheme may collapse while you re-invest.

How to Get Your Money Back After a Ponzi Scheme

Do you know it’s possible to get back your money after a Ponzi scheme?

If you are wondering it’s possible, however you need to follow the method we stated or else you will not be able to recover your money.

Below are the steps.

1. Use Card When Depositing

If you want to get back your money from a Ponzi scheme you have to dump all the payment methods and use “Fund By Card*.

2. Identity The Payment Gateway

Before depositing the money you have to identify the gateway you are paying the card through.

The most used gateways are:

  • Rave by Flutterwave
  • Paystack
  • GTPay
  • Quickteller
  • GTPay
  • Amplify
  • PayU
  • Remita

Identifying the payment gateways is very simple, you will see the gateway trademark or logo on the payment page.

Please always research about the payment gateway you are depositing through, if they didn’t support dispute don’t use it to pay.

3. File a dispute

When you invested with a card and identity the gateway you used, you can file a dispute when the Ponzi scheme crashed.

All you have to do is to visit the payment gateway website and ask them for their dispute link, you can also search it directly via Google.

File your complain and explain why you are filing the dispute, the payment gateway will review and reverse your money back.

However it’s also worth noting that dispute may not if not filed in time, so it’s very important to file your dispute in time.