Pay Changer AirDrop Review + How To Claim PCH Token

AirDrop has remained one of the best ways of earning free crypto without investing anything from your pocket money.

It may be quite frustrating to claim AirDrop because you can’t exchange it immediately, but knowing you didn’t invest anything in to it may be appealing.

In this article we will be dropping an information about Pay Changer review and how to claim free PCH token.

What is Pay Changer?

Pay Changer is said to be a fully decentralized crypto payments platform, it allow all users to take part in the digital acquiring and allow them to gain access to a billion PACH digital assets through vesting, Wow!.

Why take part in Pay Changer Airdrop (PCH)?

Pay Changer will distribute $50,000 to users who were able to take part and can complete CREW3 tasks.

Rest assured that we are going to list the task, so you didn’t have to worry anything.

Requirements To Participate

Participating is quite easy and doesn’t require much requirements, all you need to is trust wallet.

It’s also worth noting that you are expected to connect your Trust Wallet to the pay Airdrop page.

After connecting your trust Wellet you will be required to Invite one frend in their crew3 community. The invited user needs to complete 1 quest for an invite to count.

Steps to claim Pay Changer Airdrop

  • Go to Pay Changer Airdrop page by tapping on this link
  • Link your trust wallet by tapping on the connect
  • Authorize the pay Changer and sign, all this will be seen after tapping on the connect wallet
  • Once you are done you will be required to join their discord community where you will find their members
  • A sum of $50,000 will be shared to the 25,000 most active users, there is a leader board where you can track the top active and most engaging people.
  • Don’t forget to complete all the task by following the listed social media in the page.

Don’t hesitate to drop your questions in the comments section, we will respond as soon as possible.

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