MUSICX Apk: Accumulate Up to 200 Free Airtime

This is another Free and easy way to accumulate free airtime performing simple task under 2 minutes on Music X Apk.

MUSICX is a music player app, but they are currently rewarding people with airtime for performing simple task.

The tasks are very simple and straightforward, you will get N40 worth of airtime for every task you complete.

You are advised to read this content from first to end, so that you will know the complete steps on how to accumulate the free airtime.

About MusicX Apk

MusiX is the right music player you have been looking for. With all formats supported and stylish UI, MusiX provide the best musical experience for you. Browser all songs on android device, listen to music offline, you deserve to get this excellent music player!

Features Of MusicX

1. Play Music Offline

With MusicX you can play music offline, you can also use it to play all your MP3 Music

2. Create playlist

You aren’t limited to playing music offline, you can also create playlist and list your favourite music so they will be on repeat.

3. Sleep Timer

There is a sleep timer function, you can set the time of your sleep, once it’s the time, the music will pause its self.

How To Accumulate Free Airtime From MusicX?

Click on the playlist, once you click on the playlist you will be redirected to new page.

Now tap on “Lucky Money” you will see a spin, kindly note that you need to run the spin before you receive the task.

Once you received the task click on “Go Now”.

After completing the task you need to click on “Get” to claim it.


How To Perform Task On MusicX?

It’s also worth noting that the task may not be the same. However, below are some of the common task you will be asked to perform.

# Task 1

Task one is offline Apk installation, immediately after receiving the task the MusicX will ask you for permission to install unknown apps.

Once you gave the permission, MusicX will recommend Apk for you to install.

The common apps recommended by MusicX is Opera News and Xender, so you didn’t have to worry about Privacy.

# Task 2

PlayStore Apps installation, The MusicX Apk may also ask you to install and open app from PlayStore, once you install the app you can go back to MusicX and claim your task reward.

MUSICX Apk Download

You can download the MusicX Apk from this link, don’t forget to install and open it immediately after downloading the app.

How To Withdraw Airtime From MusicX?

  1. Click on the “Wallet Icon”
  2. Now move to click on the withdraw button
  3. Input the phone number you want to claim the airtime to & confirm your Withdrawal.

Its also worth noting that the minimum amount of airtime you can claim is 100 naira, you can accumulate as much as you can.

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