MTN Unlimited Ha Tunnel Config File For Free Browsing Cheat 2022

This is another unlimited free browsing cheat which is working perfectly with the help of our MTN Ha Tunnel config file.

There is no any action needed from your end, all you have to do is to follow the step by step as provided in this article.

Once you follow our steps you will be able to use the MTN unlimited free browsing cheat with our Ha Tunnel Plus Config file.

If you have been searching for it then you are welcome, as we are going to provide it for free.

Requirements To Enjoy MTN Unlimited Free Browsing 2022

Below are the requirements needed to use the MTN unlimited ha tunnel config file

Kindly note that you need to download the VPN mentioned above to get connected, the file will be dropped in the next section keep reading.

How To Import MTN Unlimited Config File On Ha Tunnel?

  • Click on the three dots as shown in the screenshot
  • Now move to tap on “Import Or Export”
  • Tap on “Import”
  • Now locate your download folder and import the file we are going to drop below.

How To Connect Ha Tunnel Plus Config File?

  • Open the ha tunnel plus
  • Make sure you imported your file
  • Now move and tap on “Start”
  • Wait for some seconds while it gets connected
  • Once it gets connected you will notice that a key will appear on the top of your phone, just minimize and keep browsing.

MTN Unlimited Ha Tunnel File

The MTN 200mb ha tunnel config file is available via this link, kindly tap on the link you will be redirected to another page where you can download it.

Once you downloaded the file then you need to follow the procedures mentioned above inorder to import the file.

Kindly note that this post is for educational purposes, we drop such post to alert ISP for their vulnerabilities.

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