3 Ways To Make Money With Jumia

While everybody is buying products from Jumia why not make money with them?

I think it’s a nice idea when everybody seems to spend while you are making and saving from the same stuff.

If you think it’s impossible then I would like you to blink and open your eyes because you were ignoring a life-changing opportunity and spending your small bucks.

Don’t feel sad because you spent years without knowing this, it’s not worth it, I will advise you to learn and avoid making the same mistakes for the rest of your life.

By the way, it’s okay to buy whatever you want, absolutely okay, but it’s not okay to leave any means of making money.

Why Make Money From Jumia?

Maybe you are probably asking yourself why should I make money from Jumia? Let me represent your mind and tell you the reasons instead.

According to similar web data, Jumia is ranked as 5,715, let me whisper it into your ears so nobody will hear, Lol, that’s a Global rank, not a Country or Local rank.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, there is still more you need to hear so you will even be more surprised for a reason.

Jumia is ranked as 20 (Country Rank) receiving over 7.5M visits every month, the traffic is continuously growing almost every month with 2% to 4% respectively.

This simply means Jumia is here to stay, there is no way you can achieve this engagement without giving customers what they need.

It’s Nigeria’s biggest online marketplace, and targeting people from the Biggest Hub like Jumia will make you Millions of Naira with hard work and consistency.

1. Selling Products On Jumia

Guess what? The products you are seeing are placed by people like you. That means you have a right to place your ads too.

This is only possible with the use of the Jumia Seller Centre. There is no limit to how much you can make.

If you are a guru like your millionaire friend’s you are more likely to think of the better product that will attract more customers.

But what are the products that usually drive more sales? At this point, I will advise you to survey the Jumia platform very well and analyze the categories with a low competition rate.

That’s where your target should be, provide those products and list them for sale on Jumia.

2. Jumia Affiliate Marketing

While selling products may sound tricky and require capital for startup affiliate marketing will be the best alternative to it.

In the case of Jumia Affiliate Marketing, you will not have to survey the Jumia Market place for low competitive categories nor list anything for sale.

You have a variety of options to promote the products you actually need, whenever someone buys a product via your link you will receive a commission.

So the only thing that you have to struggle with is how to find people who need a specific product and present those products to them through your affiliate link.

3. Jumia Cycle To Prosper Program

The Jumia Cycle to prosper program is a good earning opportunity, where individuals can earn a living by helping Jumia to deliver food to customers.

It’s not just an opportunity to make money alone but also an opportunity to get a Motorcycle or Bicycle and enjoy full ownership after 6 – 18 months.