hpengn.com review, Is hpengn.com legit or a scam

If you are searching about hpengn.com review and you want to know whether hpengn.com is legit or a scam you are in the right place.

Online earning platforms are bashing out almost everyday, some will allow you to withdraw with experience account (without investment) while some will ask for your investment.

Be it as it may be, wether a platform is asking for your investment or not the aim is to participate and make profit.

Unfortunately platforms like hpengn.com don’t last for a long, that is why we are writing hpengn.com review to let people know the current status of such platforms, legit or another scam.

What is hpengn.com?

hpengn.com is an investment platform where members can invest and earn Return on their investment.

If this is your first time of coming across such investment platforms please check out this post.

How does hpengn.com works?

Earnings are strictly determined by investment plan. If you want to earn a higher return you can simply upgrade to a higher VIP plan.

hpengn.com Investment Plans

ST-G01 Plan (Only buy once)

  • Daily return = 10%/300₦
  • Totalreturn = 3600₦
  • Return period 2days
  • Investmoney 3000C

ST-G02 Plan (No Limited)

  • Daily return = 5% of 500₦
  • Total return = 15000₦
  • Return period = 10days
  • Invest money = 10000C

There are more plans on the platform.

hpengn.com Review, Ways To Make Money

1. Investment

This is the most powerful way to make money from hpengn.com, you can invest and pick your desired investment plan

2. Referral Commission

You can also make money by referring people to hpengn.com, however, your referral needs to invest to be considered as valid referral.

How To Register On hpengn.com?

  • Follow this link
  • Register with your mobile number
  • And email address if asked

Is hpengn.com legit?

hpengn.com is fairly a new platform, not much known about this platform, as of now we can’t tag it as legit or paying.

Is hpengn.com Scam?

hpengn.com is fairly a new platform, not much known about this platform, as of now we can’t tag it as scam.


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