How To Send TXT, XML, Zip Files On Facebook Messenger

We all have been there where we want to send a TXT, XML, zip file to a business partner or a collegue on Facebook messenger but unfortunately it might be challenging.

If you are experiencing this challenge, worry no more, in this article we will give you a step by step guide to attaching file on Facebook messenger.

# Method1 Sending TXT, XML, Zip Files Via Facebook Messenger App

Unfortunately the Facebook messenger app has some limitations, you can’t send files, you can only attach and send pictures and short videos.

If you are a Facebook Messenger app user you need a third-party service to send files to collegue or a friend.

I suggested these two services

Both of them are free you don’t need to pay anything for using their service to upload file.

Let’s quickly see how to upload file to MediaFire and send it to Facebook Messenger app.

How To Upload File To MediaFire & Send to Facebook messenger

  • Visit MediaFire website
  • Youd necessarily need to create account, just head over to tap on the upload button
  • You will be redirected to your file manager
  • Locate the folder you saved your file & click on the file
  • Once you uploaded the file copy the link
  • Open your messenger and send the link to your friend, he will able to follow the link and download the file.

#Method2 Sending Files Via Facebook Messenger On Computer Or Android Desktop Version

Kindly note that for this to work, you have to visit Facebook Messenger on your computer.

Search for the person you want to message to and click on the attach icon located near the send image button.

You will be redirected to your file manager where you can select the file you want to send.

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