How To Get Openai ChatGPT Keyboard On Android & IOS

While the AI is taking over the place most people tend to use it to answer questions and write emails, that’s why you also need to integrate the ChatGPT Keyboard.

What if I tell you an interesting fact that you will even love it more as a content creator? Huh.

Well, you don’t have to go through the stress of navigating between your browser tabs to explore the open Ai ChatGPT copy the answer, and pasting it to your blog.

You will get the answers directly as you type irrespective of your device Android or IOS.

Let’s delve and look at what we shall see, I will give you the best guide to help you implement ChatGPT to your keyboard now.

How To Get Open AI ChatGPT Keyboard?

Basically there are two ways to implement the ChatGPT Keyboard to your device.

If you are an android user, you should use the method we drop for Android users.

And IOS users should strictly use their method to implement theirs too!

#1 ChatGPT For Android  By Using Open AI Keyboard

Follow the steps below to integrate open Ai to your android.

  1. Download the Open AI Keyboard from Google PlayStore and install it to your device
  2. Open the app type on the “Set Up” ChatGPT Keyboard
  3. You will be redirected to the Toggle, now enable it on the “Manage on screen keyboard settings” on your android device
  4. Once you finish setting it up you can head to messaging your friends or anywhere you want to use the ChatGPT to answer your questions
  5. Type the Question using your Default keyboard on the messaging filed or notepad, then long press the space bar, you will see open Ai Keyboard
  6. After selecting it you will have some Buttons on your keyboard field, type on “Generate Content” and boom you are done.

Kindly note that you need to type the question before switching to the Open AI Keyboard, once you type the question you can switch and generate the content by tapping on Generate.

Guess what? There is an additional feature where you can use the same app t ChatGPT For Android o correct your grammars!

I bet you want to ask how? Just click on “Correct Grammars” located below the “Generate Content”

#2 ChatGPT For IOS Using Paragraph AI

Follow the steps below to integrate it to your IOS.

Kindly note that you need to follow the similar methods for your IOS device too.

  1. Download Paragraph AI from the Apple Store
  2. Open the Settings of the Paragraph AI and scroll down to the “Type Ai”
  3. Once the Keyboard is active then you are good to go, you can open your desired messaging app
  4. Type on the messaging field and finally tap on the”Write” and boom the Ai will generate the relevant results for your query.


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