How To Get $3 From Roqqu – Registration Bonus

This article explains how to get a $3 registration bonus from a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchanger known as Roqqu.

Before showing you how to get the registration bonus. Let’s quickly learn more about them and explore their exciting features.

Do you know it’s possible to sell your cryptocurrency via Roqqu P2P and get  Naira instantly?

You didn’t have to worry about any restrictions anymore, withdrawal via bank transfer is also available.

The most exciting part is that the payment is very fast, it doesn’t look like P2P when it comes to converting and receiving your cryptocurrency to Naira.

Some number of cryptocurrencies are limited and many aren’t available. However, your favorite currencies are already there.

You can always convert your coins from your exchanger and transfer them to Roqqu and you will definitely get Naira instantly when you convert it.

They aren’t limited to offering a seamless P2P, they also have some exciting features.

Features Of Roqqu

Below are some exciting features of Roqqu.

1. Coinswap

With this feature, you can swap your coins to any supported coin on Roqqu. For example, you can swap BTC to USDT instantly and guess what? The fees is very low

2. Infinity Loan

With Infinity Loan, you don’t have to worry about depreciation anymore. When you apply for it you will get access to Upto 30% of staked collateral at a very tiny interest.

3. Roqqu NFT

Do you know you can get access to World  NFT arts, create and sell your NFT with Roqqu? Go and explore this feature.

4. Fiat Transfer to another Roqqu user

You can transfer funds in Nigerian naira to another Roqqu user. However, you need the email address or phone number of the recipient.

5. Deposit In Naira

Not sure of where to buy your favorite currency? You don’t have to look for someone to buy a crypto currency from him again.

You can do it by your self just by funding your Roqqu account with Naira.

How To Get $3 From Roqqu?

Roqqu is currently rewarding new users with 3USDT, you are eligible once you register and verify your account with BVN & NIN.

Please, don’t rush and go to the registration. The 3USDT is for the first 1000 users who sign up daily.

If you want to be among these 1000 we suggest registering and verifying your account during night time by 12:00AM to 5:00AM.

Learn the registration steps and how to withdraw below.

  • Click on this link to register
  • Use Google account to register to avoid difficulties of receiving OTP.
  • Download their app from PlayStore after the registering with this link, please register before downloading  downloading their app.
  • Login in to the app with your Google account after completing the mentioned steps.
  • if you have used your Google account to log in you need to complete your profile
  • Tap on settings and scroll down to “profile”, complete your profile by putting your name & phone number.
  • Tap on “Verification”
  • You will see two verification methods listed, begin with BVN verification
  • Enter your BVN and tap on verify, move to NIN verification and do the same.

Once you verified your account you will be credited with 3 USDT

How to sell your USDT?

  • Locate USDT and click on it
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Enter the amount you want to sell
  • And finally tap on “Proceed to sale”.

Once you sold out your USDT the amount will move to Roqqu balance, follow the simple steps to withdraw it to bank.

How To withdraw to your bank on Roqqu?

Withdrawal is available via two methods.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Wallet (Raven)

Below are the steps to complete your withdrawal.

  • Click on “Withdraw”
  • Choose an option to continue, Wallet or Bank Transfer
  • Enter the amount and proceed with Withdrawal.
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