Inline keyboard: How To Create Link Button In Telegram Using Bot

Did you ever come across inline keyboard or link button on Telegram? You want to create it for your channel, but didn’t know how to go about it?

In this article you will learn how to create link button also known as inline keyboard in Telegram, after reading this guide, you will never search for “How To Create Link Button In Telegram” again.

We have covered every single step you need to follow in order to create a link button on Telegram.

The Telegram Link button is also known as the inline button. It is used by Channel managers to promote their channels on other channels, by putting their channel link on the button.


That’s not all, Telegram channel admins also use the inline button to post more than 1 URL in a post.

Be it as it may be, whether you want to use it as a webmaster or telegram channel holder, our main purpose is to teach you how to create the Telegram link button.

Before heading over to creating the telegram hyperlink button, you need to create a bot and add that bot as your admin.

How To Create a Bot In Telegram?

  1. Open Telegram and click on the search bar located right on the top of the Telegram app.
  2. Search Botfather and start the bot
  3. Click on create a new bot; when you open and Botfather, you will notice many options in the bot. If you already have a bot and don’t want to create a new one, you can edit your bot.
  4. Choose a name for your bot: you are expected to choose a name for your bot. You can use any name you want
  5. Choose a username: the username should be written without space ending with the word “bot”, for, example tutohbot.
After creating the bot, you will be given a secret token that can be used to control that bot.
Now that you have created your bot, we have to add it To Nashra Bot Maker for us to be able to use the Telegram link button. Follow the steps.

How To Add Telegram Bot To Nashra Bot Maker?

  1. Search Nashra Bot Maker: I believe you already knew how to search groups and bots on Telegram. The case is not different.
  2. Click on create another bot: you will see the list of commands when you start the bot. Kindly click on add another.
  3. Paste a token to Nashra Bot: you are expected to go copy your token from Botfather and paste it to NashraBot.
Once you pasted it, your bot will automatically have extra options that will allow you to use Link Button.
Note: you must add the bot as your admin before it works.

How To Create Link Button On Telegram?

  1. Go to your bot: you will notice that there are several menus
  2. Select “Create another post”: kindly locate this and click on it. The bot will ask you to send your text image and audio
  3. Click on the plus icon: once you click on it, you will be asked to send a text button.
  4. Send text button: write your inline button text.
  5. Send the URL for the button: once you send the URL, you can request the preview.
  6. When you finish adding them click on done, that all.
You are advised to read and follow the steps to make sure you create link button in Telegram.