Gift app Review, Pros & Cons, Fake Or Real

Gifting friends or loved ones remains the best way of showing affection and care. Welcome to tguideweb, learn more about Gift app Review.

You may have been thinking about gifting your best friend or someone in your relatives that you aren’t probably living together, here is giftapp for you.

What is Gift app?

Gift App lets you effortlessly accept gifts from your friends or fan without having to share your address. They can gift an item from your wishlist or send a surprise gift


  1. Gifting made easier
  2. Wishlist
  3. No need for the address
  4. Your friend is will see the picture of the item you dashed him
  5. Payment is available via popular money operato (Stripe)


  • Your item will be given out to your friend as money
  • Limited payments, only stripe is available
  • Your friend needs to have Giftapp to accept the gift

Pros Explained

  • Gifting made easier; sending a gift for your friend is easier than ever with Giftapp, all you have to do is to locate their profile and dash them what you want
  • Wishlist; sometimes it’s not just about gifting someone what you want, giving him what he wants make him feel special, you can pick an item from his wishlist and gift him.
  • Address not needed; you don’t necessarily need to know the address of the person you are dashing the item to, Giftapp will pay him with money instead.
  • Picture Of Item; your friend will be able to see the picture of item you have given to him, this makes him feel special.
  • Popular payment provider; they are using popular payment provider to ensure that money is sent to people living in different contries.

Cons Explained

  • Item will be exchanged to money; unfortunately you will not receive the item someone has given you, however you will receive 100% of the gift amount via stripe.
  • Limited payments; payment is available via stripe only, if it’s not available for your country, you might probably experience difficulty in receiving your payments.
  • Giftapp account needed; unfortunately your friend need to have an account to accept payment, however he will be invited to create one if he doesn’t have.

What makes Gift app good choice?

Stripe supports more than 100 countries which means you can dash anyone living in the country supported by Stripe.

Gift app also allows user to create wishlist, the items are from Amazon, The American’s most popular store.

Wishlist are publicly visible which makes your fans to see it easily.

Gift app Reviews

Giftapp has good reviews, however the number of the reviews we found are limited, which makes it more confusing to believe wether the Giftapp is real or not.

As a writer, I’m not writing my personal opinion, and I haven’t had an experience with Giftapp before.

Any review from this article are solely found online or are from the users who read this article and decide to contribute in the comment section.

Is Gift app Real?

Unfortunately, the writer didn’t have any experience with Gift app, so I can’t tell you wether it’s legit, real or not.

Is Gift app Fake?

Unfortunately, the writer didn’t have any experience with Gift app, so I can’t tell you wether it’s scam, fake or not.

Kindly give your contribution by rating this post and dropping your experience in the comment section, people will read before making their decision


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