GbWhatsapp Pro 17.30 Apk – Download Latest Version (Working March 2023)

Get and download the latest GbWhatsapp Pro for March 2023 from Tguideweb.

GbWhatsapp Pro is a modified version of WhatsApp’s official app that comes with Amazing features, in this article we will drop direct download link to the latest version which is working for January 2023.

People prefer using the GbWhatsapp Pro than using the official app because of its bunch of features that aren’t available in the official WhatsApp app.

These features include “Don’t Tell people I have read their messages”, you can read people’s messages without their notice.

Their features aren’t limited to hiding “Blue Tick” alone, you can also have access to “Add-on Apps” like sticker Pack and Wallpaper plus.

However, it’s also worth noting that there is some limitation, such as backup to drive, colors, and other functions.

What is GbWhatsApp Pro March 2023?

GbWhatsApp is an official, modified version of the WhatsApp apk, it comes with a lot of amazing features that aren’t available in the official WhatsApp app.

GbWhatsapp Pro 17.30 Download & It’s Features

Below are some of its existing features that makes it more interesting that the official WhatsApp.

1. Freeze Last Seen

You can chat anonymously with this feature, people can’t notice you are online.

When they try to check your active status, they will not notice you are online.

2. Message Scheduler

You can schedule messages and set when you want them to be sent, the date, and time.

Remember, you aren’t limited to scheduling one message, you can schedule as much as you can.

3. Restart WhatsApp

This feature is for people with a high number of groups or contacts.

When WhatsApp is not responding, you can quickly inject it by clicking on the Restart WhatsApp button.

4. Auto Reply

You can also set auto-reply for some words, when someone messages you with that word, he will receive an automatic response.

GbWhatsapp Pro Apk Download Link – Latest Version

You can download the latest version of GbWhatsapp Pro Apk From This link.

Make sure “Install Unknown Sources” is enabled on the settings of your phone or else you can’t install GbWhatsapp Apk.

The GbWhatsApp pro 17.30 file for march 2023 will be found under your download folder, make sure you check it well there, tap on it and wait while it’s install.




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