Gamewin Trivia Quiz: Bag N500 Free Airtime On MTN

What do you think about having fun and getting free airtime? Isn’t that a great idea. Yes it is.

If you could remember we have shared some couple ways of getting free airtime on our channel.

But unfortunately, some people keep complaining that they can’t do the task because it requires referral and it’s bit hard for them to find people.

We understand that getting referral may be difficult to some people that why we brought this great way of getting airtime.

Guess what? Gamewin Trivia Quiz doesn’t require referral, all you have to do is to answer questions correctly and win.

However, it’s also worth noting that you need to study the questions and answer them correctly.

Requirements To Get MTN Airtime On GameWin Trivia Quiz

  • MTN Sim card
  • Smartphone
  • Airtime N50, N20, or N10 for activation
  • Data
  • Little knowledge on sport or current affairs

Steps To Register GameWin Trivia Quiz

  • Go to message app
  • What you will send via message will be stated in the paragraph below.
  • You will receive pop up message after sending
  • Kindly select “one off”
  • Wait for few seconds you will receive SMS with link.
  • Click on the link you receive via SMS
  • Scroll down and confirm thr subscription

In the occasion of subscription fail, you have to make sure you have airtime on your balance and try again.

The Prizes are strictly determined by the subscription fee known as prize point, the higher the prize point the higher the winnings.

  • The N50 price point gives you N500 airtime upon completing the 5 Quiz or 5000 cash after completing the 10 Quiz, send JP in uppercase (Capital Letter) to 4446
  • The N20 price point gives you N300 airtime upon completing the 5 Quiz or N3000 cash after completing the 10 Quiz, send GW in uppercase (Capital Letter) to 4446
  • The N10 price point gives you N200 airtime upon completing the 5 Quiz or N2000 cash after completing the 10 Quiz, send BM in uppercase (Capital Letter) to 4446

Kindly note that the price point will be deducted from your airtime balance after sending the SMS, i.e if you subscribe to The N50 price point, the N50 Naira will be deducted from your airtime.

You will receive another link via SMS after subscribing, follow the link you will be redirected to your dashboard.

MTN: How To Complete Quiz On GameWin

  • Click on the Play Button.

You are advised to use this browser, it allow you to minimize while doing the Quiz, this way you will be able to pick the answer from the past questions (tap here for the past questions)

The airtime will be paid immediately or after some hours upon the completion of the Quiz, however the N5000 prize will be subjected to raffle draw, rest assured that they will contact and give you the procedure to claim your prize if you are lucky enough to win.

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