Gamewin Past questions

1. Which mountain range stretch across Algeria and morocco


➡️ atlas mountain


2. What did a Shepherd boy discover at Qumutan, Jordan in 1947


➡️The dead Sea scrolls


3. On which continent is Portugal located?




4? Rembrandt was known for painting over 600 paintings 100 of which were of what?




5. What was another name for the untouchables




6 Who has become the new King of the united kingdom?


➡️Prince Charles III


7.The Bermuda triangle is located within which of the oceans


➡️Atlantic Ocean


8. After how many years was the world dairy sunmit organised in india




9. What was the colour of the Ukrainian revolution of 2004




10. What Country is the IRA form?




11. What disaster is a combo of downdrafts and updrafts




12. India Conducted a cyber security Exercise as a part of the international ransware instiative in collaboration in which country




13. Who is the author of the book “india banking in restropect- 75years of independence”


➡️Ashutosh Rarawikar


14. Which of these religions had the most members in Italy


15. What chemical substances is associated with CO²


➡️Carbon dioxide


16. Who put forth the theory of relativity in 1905


➡️ Albert Einstein


17. What do you call a tank used to detain waste?


➡️Septic tank


18. Which movie has a dragon named Mushu




19. Nepal is located on which continent.




20. What is the name of the Capital city of Syria




21. India army contingent participated in exercise Vostok-2022 in which country


➡️ Russia


22. In Germany what fruit would be used to make apple sauce




23. What is the capital of Nepal




24. Which organization unfureled the India flag 30 kilometers above the Earth on independence day


➡️Space Kidz India


25. As per the policy for long term leasing for what is the tenure up to which land was leased




26. Which region of Brazil was occupied the dutch during the 17th century.


➡️ Northeast


27. What was a knight in training called


➡️ Squire


28. Which state was launched the ‘Pudhanni Penn scheme’ to provide monthly financial assistance for female students to compete UG programme


➡️Tamil nadu


29.The IMF approved a Loan of USD 2.9 million to which country to tackle economic crises


➡️Sri lanka


30. How many pairs of chromosomes are found in the normal human cells?




31. Which country speaks Spanish as it’s main language ➡️Mexico


32. According to the Grand theory of Bantu migration??

Martha Graham was know

Martha Graham was know for her work in which art




33. Saddam Hussein was president of which country ➡️Iraq


34 Distance between two peaks of a wave is




35Which Scotland hotel boast a golf course designed by Jane nicklaus


➡️ gleneagles hotel


36. Who defeated world champion Magnus Carleen in ftx crypto cup in Miami


➡️ Praggnanandhaa


37. In which State can we find park chapada dos guimaraes➡️mato grosso


38. Which country lost over 17% of its entire population during ww2-




39. Which country has Hanoi as capital


➡️ vietnam


40. Leandro da Vinci was well known for making paintings of what theme??




41. The 1930 Hawley smooth act dealt with what international concept?


➡️Trade Tarrif


42.Small birds that can fly backward


➡️ hummingbird


43. Star closest to earth alpha centurari c


44. Which island are located in Indian ocean


➡️none of the above


45. Type of leaf on Canadian flag


➡️ maple lead


46. Which company appointed former RBI deputy governor BP Kanungo and Zomato chairman Kaushik Dutta to the board?




47. Who wrote the crucible?


➡️Arthur Miller


48. What do you call the foil or plastic that covers the top of most wine bottles?




49. Shia leader muqtada Al sadr belongs to which country?




50. Dynamically speaking mezzo piano means?


➡️*Half soft*


51. Afghanistan is situated in which two hemispheres?


➡️Northern and eastern

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