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Dogedao is here again with amazing earning features, allowing users to adopt a pet or dog and earn some returns, in this Review, we will learn how it works and know whether it’s legit or another scam.

However, earnings are determined by the Dog you adopt, so the higher Dog, the higher the returns.

Sounds weird, right? Let me explain, Dogedao works just like dmining but there is a little difference, so a pet or dog is just like a mining machine.


Dogedao is an investment platform that allows you to hire a dog or pet (mining machine) and earn returns.

According to the company, “The foundation was established in 2014 by members of the Dogecoin team to provide advocacy and support for the Dogecoin project.

In 2021, the foundation was reinvigorated by the original core team members, fresh faces, and experienced new advisors, who are ready to grow Dogecoin for the next ten years”.

How To Register On Dogedao?

Registering an account is straightforward all you have to do is to follow the steps below.

  1. Follow this link
  2. Provide your email address
  3. Request OTP and provide the OTP you receive via email

How does Dogedao works?

It works in a very simple and straightforward way. All you have to do is to adopt a dog.

After adopting the dog you will be earning returns daily, you can recover your investment usually within one month, and you will continue to withdraw money for 80 days.

Unlike other mining platforms, Dogedao dog or pet (mining machine) expire within 80 days, so if you buy a pet that brings $20 monthly, you will continue to earn $20 for 80 days; wow!

How To Recharge on Dogedao?

  1. Tap on the “Me” button
  2. Now move and tap on the “Balance (USDT)”
  3. Move ahead to tap on the USDT Recharge
  4. USDT wallet address will be revealed to you, you are expected to transfer the amount you want to deposit to the given address

Once it gets credited, you need to convert the USDT to the supported coin of the platform, which is DOGE.

Below are the steps to convert your USDT to Doge and purchase a machine (Dog).

  • Tap on the market
  • Now move ahead and tap on “Buy.”
  • Put the amount of DOGE you want the buy; you will see the total amount you will pay in USDT.

How To Purchase a Dog (Mining Machine)?

Kindly note that you need to convert your USDT to DOGE. That’s the supported coin for buying a Dog or pet, kindly go back and follow the steps written above to learn about the conversion.

  1. Tap on Dog
  2. Choose the one you want to buy
  3. Tap on “Adopt”
  4. Continue and confirm the purchase

Here is how to feed your dog after adopting it (Very Important)

After buying a pet dog, you can get free dog food just by watching 47 second advertisement every day. After the dog food is fed, profit distribution is made. Issue Dogecoin to your account. When you earn income, you can sell Dogecoin to get USDT. After getting USDT, you can sell USDT to get NGN or withdraw it via USDT.

You need to watch video of 40 seconds once everyday on the platform, then click to receive pet dog food, receive pet dog income, feed your pet dog, and let your pet dog continue to make money for you.

That’s means you must perform task once everyday.


Wants to learn more about the Dogedao Review? Here is all you need to know.

Dogedao is a sure Ponzi scheme. If this is your first time investing in such schemes, I strongly suggest reading this post.

There is a high chance that this platform will last because the last dmining lasted 6-7 months.

Is dogedao Legit?

Wants to know if it’s legit? We have got you covered.

We have confirmed Dogedao is paying as of the time of writing this post. However, we always advise people to be careful of what they invest and invest what they can afford to lose. No matter how legit and paying the platform is, such schemes can’t be fully trusted.

Is Dogedao Scam?

There are no reports of Dogedao being a scam yet; however, we always advise people to invest wisely.

Review Conclusion

As our reader, you are the real reviewer. Kindly rate the performance by giving them 1-5 stars and tell people about your experience with this platform in the comment section; your review is really important.

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