reviews, legit or scam is an online store that offers items from various Categories at a discount rate, let’s see if the site is legit or yet another scam.

Sometimes is not about buying cheap stuffs but also knowing whether it really worth it. After knowing that what next?

I think you could guess this, but anyway let me tell you. Will the product get delivered to me as promised? That’s the stage we are supposed to have mixed feelings when shopping in new platforms.

About was registered on 2023-06-28 on Name Domain Registerer registerer, the website just launched some weeks ago.

It’s fairly new and we will dig down to telling you what you need to know before taking the next step so you will not fall a Victim to being scammed.
       Review, Facts Check

Below are our review and what we fact checked.

  • No Social Media Presence: There are social media icons in the website, but unfortunately when clicked you will be redirected to their homepage. Social media is the backbone of every trusted online store that want more customers and want to hold a reputation, having no social media is definitely a red flag
  • Hard To Reach Customer; Customers are always the best priority to any kind of business and any business that seems to ignore it’s customers then there is no space for that business and it should be disregarded by its customers. Unfortunately, in you can only contact through email and you know how hard is it to track someone and wait for reply via that method.
  • Baby Domain: The domain was just registered not too long and there are no reviews from real people.
  • High Discount; Discount is really nice buy when the discount is too much it’s definitely a click bait trying to make customer rush and buy it because he thinks he got it cheaply.


  1. Good Interface
  2. Easy To Navigate


  1. No Social Media Presence
  2. No customer care reviews

Is Scam?

Well, this may be hard to tell, but according to the information we provided above you will know that the is really suspicious, I can’t say they are scam because I didn’t personally buy something from the store.

However, you should please be careful with these new websites, sites with high red flags may scam you.

Is Legit?

Unfortunately, the publisher didn’t have any experience with this platform, so I couldn’t really say if it’s legit.

Having read this article to this point, I believe you can make a decision for your self.