Chrome Extension For Android – How To Use chrome Web Store Extensions On Mobile

Surprised? No, you shouldn’t be. It’s possible and easy to use chrome extensions on Android. That’s why we have written our heading like this “Chrome Extension For Android.”

You can use your preferred extension on mobile, just like you are using your normal PC. All you have to do is install the right browser that support chrome extension for mobile.
Once you install and set up the browser we are going to mention, boom, you can use chrome extensions on your android phone.
You are advised to read this content from 1st paragraph to the end to have more insights on how to access the chrome web store and install your preferred extensions.

What Are Chrome Extensions Used For?

You probably knew this. We consider explaining this for the benefit of those who didn’t know what Chrome extensions are used for.
Chrome extensions are programs mainly designed for users in order to change browser functionality.
It is also worth noting that you need to install your preferred extension before having certain functionality.
Without boring you with much write-ups, let’s quickly look at the browsers that you can use chrome extension on Android or Tablet.

Chrome Extension Browsers For Android

You can use any of the mentioned browsers to install chrome extension on mobile.

How To Add Chrome Extension On Android With Kiwi


  1. Open Kiwi Browser
  2. Paste Chrome Web Store link on the URL bar
  3. Search for your preferred extension and click on install
  4. Wait for it while it’s downloading. Once the download is completed, you are good to go.