How To Build a Tool Box For Your Truck

If you are someone who loves organizing his working tools in a truck you would be excited to know an easy steps to build a tool box for your truck.

The size of the body of your truck may significantly affect the size of your drawers.

Knowing the size of the body of your truck is the first step, however, if you aren’t storing alot of tools you didn’t have to worry about the size, though it’s still important.

Before we show you give you some advice on how to build a Tool Box For Your Truck, let’s learn more about the topic.

What is Truck ToolBox?

Truck Tool box are used to Protect and secure equipments for the long haul, you can keep your items and organize them by their type.

Why Use Tool Box For Your Truck?

Below are some reasons why you should consider using tool box in your truck, weather it’s a used or brand new truck.

  • Better Oragnized; With tool boxes organizing your tool is more easier, you can keep items of the same type at the same area. So you won’t have to search everywhere while looking for a one particular tool because all your tools are organized and you can easily know where you stored a particular tool.
  • More Secure; Your tools are always more secured with a toolbox, remember toolbox are also locked boxes. So, you are protecting your tools from sunlight and unfortunate rain during travel which makes your tools to last longer.
  • Style Upgrade; Looks is very important most especially for commercial trucks. It increases your business reputation and make it look professional. Now that you knew some reasons why using tool box for truck is important, let’s head over to our main topic.

How To Build a Tool Box For Your Truck?

Building a custom toolbox for your truck is not always easy, sometimes you have to contact someone who offer such services to do for you.

However, if you are still interested in making your tool box by your self below are some suggestions.

  1. To create a tool box for a truck, you will need some basic tools and materials such as a drill, screws, a saw, a measuring tape, and some pieces of wood.
  2. Measure the area where you want to install the tool box on your truck, and use the measuring tape to mark the dimensions on the wood.
  3. Use the saw to cut the wood to the desired size, making sure to smooth any rough edges.
  4. Place the pieces of wood on the truck bed and use the drill to attach them together using screws. Make sure the tool box is securely attached to the truck bed.
  5. Once the tool box is assembled, use the drill to attach a latch or lock to the front of the tool box to keep it securely closed.
  6. You can also add dividers or compartments inside the tool box to keep your tools organized.

Once you have finished building the tool box, you can use it to store your tools and other items on your truck.

More About Building Truck Tool Box

Below are some of the important things you should know before taking your first step.

1. Know Your Truck Body Size

You have to scale and know the size of your truck body.

It’s very important to know the size of your truck body, you didn’t have to scale the size manually, you can simply search the name of your truck and ask about it’s body size.

2. Search For Someone That Renders Such Services

You can also search for someone that renders such services to take care of issue and suggest anything needed to build a Tool Box For a truck.

People rendering such services are available on social media like Twitter.

3. Order A Truck Bed From Amazon

You can also search for the truck bed you love on Amazon, and it would be delivered to you to your doorstep.

Creating a custom tool box is not always easy most especially to those who can’t drill, we suggest contacting someone who offer such services.


This article is written to give you some idea on how to get started, hope you find some idea, thanks for reading.