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Wants to learn more about review based on our experience? Read this content and find out.

We all have been there where we want to invest but we are scared of losing our money not knowing if the scheme is legit or a scam.

Well, this article contains detailed information about, we will get to know wether it’s legit or not, after reading this content you can make your final decision, either to invest or not.


boccoin is a new online earning platform where you make money by buying robot.

However each robot has its computing power before it starts operating. Registration link, sign up

You can register an account by following this link, you are advised to save your login details, it will be required every time you want to login.

  • After registration, click on the profile button at the bottom right corner of the platform.
  • Tap on Real Name Authentication, verify your name with your NIN.
  • Once you are done, scroll up and tap See My Mining Warehouse. A robot will be there for you to Activate, Click on Activate. review

Tips on this review: on how to earn free $10, immediately after completing your KYC, you will be given $2, now you need to refer at least 8 people, note that they must complete their KYC before you will get the $8 now you will have $10 in your balance.

Deposit $12 and buy miner of $11.97, the miner will yield $14 in 10 days, and you will still have $10 in your balance immediately after depositing and purchasing the miner, you can withdraw back the $10 immediately. have a similar interface with the platform that crashed some months ago scheme, the system is designed in such a way many people will lose due to greed and emotions.

If this is your first time of reading review about MLM scheme or ponzi we highly suggest reading this content you will find out a helpful tips on how to invest and escape from ponzi scheme after reading it.

Smart people who wants to invest after knowing such platforms are strictly temporary and may not last can still make some gains before it crashes, that’s the big advantage of reading review and knowing if it’s legit or a scam.

#Red Flags Review

  • Returns on investment are very high
  • High referral commissions
  • Similar interface to a platform that crashed some months ago Cala

Kindly note that they are using high returns on investment to ginger more people to invest and high referral commissions to urge people to bring more people. withdrawal

Kindly note that you need to recharge and and purchase robot for you to unlock withdrawal function.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10

Is Legit?

As of now we can’t say is legit due to the red flags we mentioned above.

However, the withdrawal is confirmed, and they have proving to be paying as at the time of writing this article, see the payment proof here.

Review – Is Scam?

No reports of being scam yet, however we advise people to invest only what they can afford to lose.

Online platforms can’t be trusted they may last or crash earlier than expected.


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