Apple Music Vs Audiomack, Features Differences & Reviews

Did you ever wonder why people say Apple Music Vs Audiomack? These platforms are both great for Listeners and artists.

We will compare the features, differences, and reviews.

It’s very important to always go for great, this article will compare the differences, features, and reviews.

However, it’s also worth noting that Audiomack can be used without a subscription (ads included in the free version) while Apple Music is strictly a premium platform.

Notice: We aren’t in any way promoting or demoting any of these platforms. This is a comparison between differences and features.

You reserve the right to choose which platform you are going to use.

Apple Music Vs Audiomack, Comparing Features.

Features are very important to all reputable and established company, in fact having great features are one of the secrets to outranking or staying out of the competition.

1. Apple Music Features

  • Genres; with this feature, you can filter the type of music you need ranging from afrobeat to Rap.
  • Music Discovery; You can discover music with Apple Music, However, you need an Addon app, called Shazam to discover songs by just listening.
  • Similar Artists: with this feature, you can search the name of the artist and see artists in his genre
  • Radio Station; With this feature, you can get access to some programs, such as the country show chat show that features the top 20 artists.
  • User’s Station; it’s one of the people’s favorite features, it will pick a song randomly and play it for you.
  • Top 100; You can discover the most trending song based on Global chat or your country.
  • Lyrics; Listeners can also get access to lyrics, they can read what the artist is saying every time he speaks in the song.

2. Audiomack Features

  • Free access with ads; Audiomack offers free access to Listeners with ads, However, artists can choose who will save their song free or premium user.
  • Discover; Just like Apple music you can discover which songs are trending across genres
  • Top Albums Chart; You aren’t just limited to trending songs but you can also discover the most trending albums.
  • Verified Playlist; Audiomack listens to the songs and picks them to make a playlist, the playlist can be accessed by anyone, so you don’t have to worry about making the playlist.

Audiomack Vs Apple Music, Comparing Reviews

Reviews & user experience are one of the best things to determine what people feel and think about a certain app or platform.

Let’s delve into PlayStore and see what Android users are saying about these two apps.

Audiomack Reviews

Audiomack is the Top one in the “Free Music & Audio” Category on PlayStore which proves that the platform has huge users.

The overall review of the app on Playstore is 2.5 Million, it has an average positive review of 4.6 which simply means most its users are satisfied.

Let’s see some positive reviews from PlayStore.

As usual, there are negative reviews too, let’s see some

TIPS; If you are experiencing any issues related to the disappearance of the downloaded song you should kindly disable Phone Master, this app is deleting some files for you to accelerate your phone.

Apple Music Reviews

Apple Music is also top one in “top grossing in music & audio Category on PlayStore.

Apple Music has recorded over 50M+ downloads so far and still counting, this simply means Apple Music is still growing rapidly.

Let’s see some positive reviews from PlayStore.

As usual, there are some reviews from unsatisfied customers too.

Differences Between Audiomack & Apple Music

Below are some differences between the two music streaming services, Apple Music and Audiomack.

As I stated at the beginning of this content, Apple Music is strictly a premium platform, nothing like free access with ads.

However, there is a free trial, you can get access to premium features for 30 days.

You will enjoy unlimited access to all songs just like the premium user, with that said you need to bind your credit card to be able to get the free 30 days trial.

Audiomack offers free unlimited access to songs on their platform with no charges (with ads).

However, there are a few restrictions for downloads, with that said artists can make their songs available for free or premium users.