Antbit Network Reviews; Claim Free Token Legit Or Scam

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ANTBIT Network is a regulated Nigerian TOKEN in partnership with STRIMPAY MONEY TRANSFER with high hopes of going globally.

The community that allows users to accumulate ANTBIT(ABT) sell, buy and to store ANTBIT without any any stress.

This article has contained a detailed information about Antbit Network , you will get to know the current status of the platform Legit or another scam.

About Antbit Network

ANTBIT is a Nigerian cryptocurrency that can only be used in Nigeria using Strimpay Money Transfer to store ANTBIT Token and buy and sell ANTBIT within the ANTBIT community.

How To Claim Free ANTBIT Token?

You can claim free Token by joining the network via this link.

When you join you will get free 20 Token, according to Anbit Network, 20 worth $1.2.

Those who wants to earn more can simply refer their friends and receive 10token for every successful referral made.

ANTBIT Network Review

Sometimes, it’s not about claiming numbers and getting free tokens, is it withdrawable, that’s why it’s important knowing the platform is legit or not, your habit of reading reviews is the habit we want everybody to imitate.

ANTBIT network have claimed partnership with Strimpay, and users will be able to store or sell their tokens only via Strimpay.

Don’t know about Strimpay? Here is a little information about it.

Streampay is another money operator that allow its users to receive funds via email just like PayPal, Strimpay works easily, and allows users to receive & send.

Strimpay have launched it’s referal program August, many users have thousands of referral funds in strimpay but unfortunately strimpay didn’t pay anything.

That’s not all; during their previous referral program they have also introduced a Visa card and request a payment of 1550 to this account details.

Below I attached the screenshot of the payment made to their account but unfortunately they didn’t deliver any card

Reviews from people that ordered card.

Is Antbit Network Legit?

Antbit Network is fairly a new token not much known about it, as of now we can’t tag it as legit.

Is Is Antbit Network Scam?

Antbit Network is fairly a new token not much known about it, as of now we can’t tag it as scam.

Our Conclusion About Antbit Network

Kindly note that you can’t trade your Antbit network without strimpay, and strimpay is asking for fees for KYC purpose.

Users are the first priority of any company, therefore, serious company will never ask you to pay something for KYC.

It’s okay to participate in the Antbit network Airdrop token but due to previous event as discussed in this article, we don’t advise depositing a dime in strimpay untill you confirmed they are really paying.


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