Airtel RCCG Plan, Migrate And Activate It Now

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Airtel RCCG Plan has been the talk of the town now, it gives you 40 minutes of uninterrupted calls for just ₦100, that’s mind blowing right?

Well, the Plan is still a surprise to many Airtel subscribers that’s why many people are interested in finding the best possible ways to join this plan so they  could be part of this calling journey.

Without wasting much time introducing what you literally have an idea about, let’s head over to revealing more details about Airtel RCCG Plan.

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About Airtel RCCG Plan

The Airtel RCCG Plan is a unique tariff plan designed to give a satisfying 40 minutes of uninterrupted calls to Airtel Subscribers.

Why choose this tariff plan over regular plans? well, that’s rather a long story but worth telling nonetheless.

The cheapest calling rate for regular tariff plans is 11kb/second, which means you will be charged 11 kobo per every second, and 100 naira will finish around 15-16 minutes.

Now let’s compare the cheapest tariff plan and the Airtel RCCG Plan, the RCCG gives you 40 minutes of calls respectively.

Can’t you see the difference? it’s pretty clear that the RCCG is more cheaper than every plan.

Benefits Of Airtel RCCG Plan

Below are some benefits of this plan that you will not want to miss at all cost.

  1. 40 Minutes of uninterrupted calls at ₦100 only
  2. 80 Minutes of uninterrupted calls at ₦200
  3. 120 minutes of uninterrupted calls at ₦300
  4. 160 Minutes of uninterrupted calls at ₦400
  5. 200 minutes of uninterrupted calls at ₦500

Imagine, enjoying 200 minutes roughly calling family and friends for just ₦500 without any interruption, this will definitely help you to save some bucks.

how to migrate to airtel RCCG plan

Migrating to airtel RCCG plan is quite easy all you have to do is to visit the nearest airtel store now tell them you want a RCCG they’ll give you they give you a kyc sheet now you have to fill the kyc sheet and choose RCCG as default

it is always important to try your possibly best and an insert the airtel SIM card on your phone before leaving the airtel store.

After inserting the SIM card so the next step is to take if you are really on the airtel RCCG plan dial *121*2*5# to check.

How To Subscribe To Airtel RCCG Plan?

Now that you have successfully obtained the airtel RCCG SIM card so the next step is knowing how to subscribe to the plan that will give you a whopping minutes of calls without any interruption.

Rest assured that this post will give you everything you need to know about this story so keep reading.

Dial *276*200# to subscribe to the RCCG package, it is also worth noting that you’ll be charged 700 naira per subscription

How To Check Airtel RCCG Plan Balance?

Checking the airtel RCCG plan balance is not as difficult as it seems all you have to do is just to dial *123# upon dialing this code you’ll be able to see your balance.

however if you are concerned about checking your bonus you can simply dial *123*1# open dialing this code you will see your balance.

Recharging Airtel RCCG sim

are you also concerned about about recharging you RCCG sim, well we have got you covered, all you have to do is just to dial *126*recharge pin ₦

the process is just the same as recharging your Normal prepaid line so I don’t think you did not know this thing in the past let’s go.

Guess what there is also a bonus after recharging you Airtel RCCG sim, don’t worry it is available for all subscribers or you have to do it’s just to dial *234*amount#

What is Airtel RCCG Plan Code?

maybe you have browsed all the internet searching for this particular code so let me give you a short answer there is no any airtel RCCG plan code.

If you need this type of SIM card you have to visit airtel office and fil the registration sheet with this plant as default respectively otherwise you will not be able to get any code that will work.

How To Activate Airtel RCCG Sim?

I hate you already know this if you have read this content from the beginning to this paragraph however if you have managed to skip some paragraphs I’ll still give you an answer because you are my best friend.

immediately after registering the SIM card boom you line has been activated no long stories.


thanks for reading this content I hope you enjoy it don’t forget to drop a feedback in the comment section in case if you experience any issue for difficulties while trying to activate or check your your line.

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